Christmas Adventure


In Christmas Adventure, Santa Claus wants your assistance gathering gifts for the approaching holiday season. Will you have the courage to assist Santa in overcoming obstacles and gathering the most gifts possible?

Santa Claus embarks on an expedition in Christmas expedition, where he visits unexpected places that hold stolen gifts for the impending holiday season. Play this game to become a hero and assist Santa in saving all the toys from the wicked monster. Enemies and barriers will stand in your way throughout the route. You have obstacles to conquer when gathering gifts, such hairy creatures, snowmen that can throw sharp carrots, and penguins. You only have three lives, and if you don't avoid all of these threats and impediments, you'll lose one. The game will terminate instantly if you leap into the pool.

Use the snowballs that Santa gives you in Christmas Adventure carefully. They are meant to destroy obstacles that you encounter. In each of the 20 levels, defeat the enemies, maintain your platform position, and locate the exit. You are more capable of overcoming obstacles at a higher level. In this thrilling game, are you able to complete 20 levels?

How to play

  • Use arrow keys top control
  • Press the spacebar to push the snowball.

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