Build a Snowman


In Build a Snowman, your objective is to reassemble a disintegrating snowman by navigating through various obstacles such as walls and fires. Skillfully overcome these challenges to perfectly piece together the snowman.

Players must unite the snowman's head and body, which is easier said than done. Both parts need to be moved simultaneously, using wall obstacles strategically to keep them away from fires. Contact with fire will melt the snowman, restarting the level. Progression introduces locked doors requiring keys and teleportation gates. Build a Snowman spans 30 challenging levels set in winter, green, and Mexican landscapes.

Use blocks to shield your snowman while maneuvering around deadly fires. As you advance, you’ll encounter locked doors that need keys and portals that instantly teleport parts of your snowman. Each level demands strategic thinking and careful resource management.

How to play

  • Use walls to block the snowman's movement.
  • Avoid fire, as contact will melt your snowman and reset the level.
  • Control the snowman with the arrow keys.

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