Xmas Dash


Xmas Dash is a platform game with creative Christmas shapes that will refresh your experience in the geometric world. This Christmas-themed game is deeply inspired by the hit Geometry Dash. The rhythmic gameplay following each step of the cube has transformed into new images. You will play as Santa, but in the form of a continuously moving box. The player's task is to guide the character to the end point, of course, without any collisions. The difficulties you have to face on this journey are complex shapes, tricky terrain, and unpredictable gameplay changes.

Rhythm-based games always make your entertainment experience more exciting. So, the challenge you have to solve is not simple. Concentration is extremely necessary to promptly detect obstacles that need to be overcome. Besides, the ability to press the keys exactly is the golden key to victory.

Two Engaging Game Modes

Xmas Dash has two game modes: normal mode and practice mode. The main round that you need to conquer to be recognized for your achievements is normal mode. Meanwhile, practice mode is a test for you to get used to the gameplay and explore the map more quickly. As you practice, you will see checkpoints appear from time to time. If a collision occurs, your cube will return to the nearest checkpoint.

How to play

You can choose one of the following three command keys to navigate the character's jumps and flight segments: the left-click, the spacebar, or the up arrow.

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