Taxi Driver Las Vegas


Taxi Driver Las Vegas is a visually spectacular driving simulation game set in a vast open universe. Dive into the bustling streets of a massive metropolis, transporting passengers to their destinations! Face a succession of exciting stages in which you must deliver your customers on time to earn your fee.

Earn money for successful travels, which you can use to improve your car's performance. Visit the garage to choose from a variety of fantastic sports automobiles, all with remarkable specifications. Customize your vehicle with upgrades such as new rims, spoilers, and even police lights. Show off your drifting abilities to earn extra cash, allowing you to maximize the potential of your car. 

In one mode, you can freely move around the city, executing stunning acrobatics and jumps. Experience actual car damage, including visible dents from collisions.

How to play

  • Throttle: Press W
  • Brake: Press S
  • Steering: Use A (Left) and D (Right)
  • Handbrake: Spacebar
  • Rotate camera: Use mode
  • Boost: Press F
  • Change camera: Press C
  • Slow Motion: Hold G
  • Lights on/off: Press L

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