5's snow-covered battlefield is waiting for you now that winter has arrived! In the last snowball fight, muster your bravery, hone your reflexes, and get ready to guide your squad to victory.

In this exciting 3D isometric game, you take control of a cute snowplow and set out to create the largest snowball you have ever seen. Using only your mouse, control your plow with accuracy as you carefully collect snow while navigating the ice landscape. But exercise caution! There are adversaries everywhere you look, waiting to undermine your dominance over snowballs.

As you make more snowballs, your power increases. However, the intensity of the conflict also does. Play exciting battles as you toss your enormous snowballs at opposing plows in an attempt to drive them out of the arena and establish your supremacy.

As you advance through the ranks and get experience points, you can add more customization options to your plow by changing its skin and color. Remember the benefits that are awaiting you at the conclusion of every match as well. To increase your experience points or even win a life-saving lifeboat to help you continue fighting, spin the wheel.

Thus, why do you delay? The battleground coated in snow cries out for heroes to rise up and take control. In, assemble your group, bundle yourself for the cold, and let the mayhem with snowballs commence!

How to play

Use mouse to play the game.

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