5 is an uncompromising battle between small characters on cold ice islands, but that doesn't make the feeling of fighting cold. On the contrary, each clash ignites the atmosphere with snowballs and pushes opponents off the island. With this engaging multiplayer game, you will immerse yourself in intense battles where every move determines your fate. Snowballing wisely and pushing opponents off the island is the key to surviving and dominating the match. Remember that after a certain time, part of the snow and ice foundation will disappear, narrowing the range of movement of the main entities.

Each game on is a fierce confrontation between online players. You will feel the thrill when every move and every throw of a snowball can be an opportunity for victory or defeat. Concentration and quick reflexes are the deciding factors in your remarkable achievements.

The Stunning Features

  • Beautiful 3D graphics create a pleasant gaming vision.
  • Simple survival gameplay with fierce competition.
  • The ability to unlock skins depends on the effectiveness of each character's attack.
  • The diverse designs of the ice and snow islands make your experience more diverse.

How to play

You hold down and move the mouse to navigate the main entity around and create a snowball. Each collision will cause both characters to be affected. Of course, a larger sphere will have greater destructive power. You will lose if the main entity falls into the water.

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