Moto X3M 3


With the Moto X3M 3, the best racing game for gamers seeking excitement, set out on an exhilarating trip! Settle into a succession of challenging tracks with lethal perils and exhilarating challenges by mounting your faithful motorcycle.

To go through the more than 20 heart-pounding stages in Moto X3M 3, you'll need lightning-fast reflexes and steely nerves. To save valuable time and obtain three stars on every level, pull off jaw-dropping acrobatics and maneuvers.

You'll be gripped by the Moto X3M 3's unmatched gaming experience thanks to its jaw-dropping visuals and rich sound effects. Enjoy the gust of wind as you overcome barriers and use gravity-defying maneuvers to avoid gravity.

But take caution—there are many dangers ahead! With obstacles like enormous spinning gears and explosive barrels, each level offers a fresh, thrilling challenge that will test your mettle. Are you able to defeat them all and win?

With the Moto X3M 3's user-friendly controls and realistic physics, you can take control of your own fast-paced journey. As you ride over dangerous terrain and pull off daring stunts, use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, and tilt your bike.

So, why do you hesitate? Put on your helmet, start your engine, and get ready to enjoy the exhilaration of the Moto X3M 3. Demonstrate your abilities to become the ultimate Moto Master by playing now!

How to play

  • Accelerate and brake with the up and down arrows. 
  • Shift left or right to lean forward or backward.
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