Car Stunt Racing 3D


In the thrilling racing game Car Stunt Racing 3D, you'll test your driving prowess on difficult courses. Try your best driving skills in this game right now!

In order to begin playing Car Stunt Racing 3D, users will select their preferred vehicle. To win every race you enter is your objective in this racing game. Click the Match button located in the lower right corner of the screen to indicate that you're prepared for the races. You will have a tank of gas depleted for each race in which you compete, with the quantity of gas remaining displayed at the top of the main menu.

Your job in Car Stunt Racing 3D is to steer your vehicle to the side in order to avoid obstacles as it moves forward in each race. To move, avoid obstacles, and defeat your opponents, use the A and D keys. You will restart from a nearby spot if you run into an obstacle that emerges in your path.

Additionally, by hitting the Nitro button, you can quicken your pace to outpace opponents. Nitro tanks will appear on the circuit for you to acquire. Gather them to aid in nitro tank filling and speeding up as required. You will be paid a bonus at the conclusion of each race based on your finishing position. Utilize the puzzle money to improve and customize your vehicle. Start new, difficult races and unlock better cars.

How to play

  • Use A/D to control your car.

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