Snow Line 2


In the captivating follow-up to the well-liked game Snow Line, play with the Snow Maiden in Snow Line 2. Prepare to navigate through a wintry paradise as you assist the Snow Maiden in gathering all of the children's unclaimed Christmas presents. Lead her safely to the finish line using your imagination and cunning!

The Snow Maiden steals the show in this thrilling new adventure, determined to help her mentor, Santa Claus. Draw a single snow line from the beginning to the finish flag, making careful to collect all the gifts along the route. She requires your assistance to move. After you've made the path, the Snow Maiden will ride her sleigh down the line you drew.

Snow Line 2 has 12 distinct levels, each with its own obstacles and riddles. To guarantee that the Snow Maiden collects all of the presents and arrives at the finish line without toppling over, you must plan your path ahead of time. Levels open sequentially, adding to the excitement as you move through the game.

How to play

  • Use your mouse to draw a snow line from the starting point to the finish flag.

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